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Friday, 25 April, 2014
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Sankalp closed for 4th may mahayagya please reserve your seats for Naagpanchami 1Aug 2014

If you are determined and confirmed kaalsarpyog remedy poojan, then call +91 9335215475 Shri Shri  Guru Maharaaj ji and reserve your place for participation in 51th Kaalsarpyog Shanti mahayagya will be held on Naagpanchami 1st Aug 2014

Before sankalp poojan you have to mail photo ( person who is suffering from kaalsarpyog ) Mother & Father Name, Address, Gotra after that  you will get date and time for sankalp poojan according to your horoscope. This process is must  for Sankalp, Poojan and yagya.



People unknown about  kaalsarpyog and interested in doing poojan will fill the form given below  and have personal conversation with Shri Shri  Guru Maharaaj ji.

Please contact and reserve your place as seats are limited

Date of submiting:
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:
Birth Place:
Living Place:
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Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam                          





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Jai Ho Maharaaj ki I am very satisfied after done this poojan.I am very thankful to shri gurumaharaaj ji and gurumata ji, they are always support me and guide me about poojan process.There was a great time of Naanpanchami poojan, I got a lot of blessings from siddheshwar dhaam and I am felling better when I was starting poojan. My confidence is not giving me support but I really feel power of mantra and shri gurumaharaaj grace by mahyayagya. Jai ho Maharaaj Ki.
Anjali , Noida, Delhi
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